To Len Corcoran Construction, with thanks from the BAA

I am writing this letter to express our thanks to the Len Corcoran Excavating construction team that worked on Phase One of the Downtown Revitalization project. Our gallery at 392 Front Street was right in the middle of the construction site. The disruption caused by the work was at times frustrating and challenging but, as we all knew and could readily see from the old infrastructure that was exposed, very necessary. Corcoran did an excellent job of mitigating the disruptions.

Corcoran and Build a Better Belleville always gave us lots of lead time when there were going to be issues with water or sewage. They worked around our schedules to make sure that we could stay open throughout the construction and always have access to our building.

Many of our members are older and often during changeovers we would be carrying heavy works back and forth. Corcoran’s workers where always there to cheerfully lend a hand and direct everyone through the maze of fences and sidewalk closures. They provided a hotline through which we could communicate concerns and arrange deliveries so that we could continue with our programs and business.

The project did affect us financially and many people expressed a lack of interest in negotiating the construction however, we want to thank all our dedicated clients and followers who braved the mess to visit and shop during the construction. We appreciate your continuing support.

Our end of Front Street is now beautiful with trees, new bike racks, wide sidewalks and wonderful new street lamps that are much brighter than the ones they replaced. We hope that the project will continue in a timely fashion to complete the rest of the revitalization that will make the downtown a pleasing area to visit and patronize and provide the infrastructure renewal that will allow all of Belleville to continue to grow.

Hats off to Corcoran Construction for an amazing build and for their courtesy and respect throughout the project.

Dona Knudsen on behalf of the Belleville Art Association executive.