LCE: Health & Safety Policy



Len Corcoran Excavating Ltd. (LCE), is committed to ensuring the health and wellness of all employees. Providing a work environment that views and respects employee’s health, and those of our community seriously, is important to us.

We have developed a policy and implemented procedures to help guide employees to keep both our workforce and members of our community safe. We are continuously monitoring information provided by our local health unit, our municipality, and the government of Ontario, to ensure that we are taking measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients, residents and employees. 

Our policy provides guidelines for all LCE facilities and work sites.  We ask all parties entering our work sites to abide by the protocols and procedures being implemented and to be respectful of the greater public good in the wake of this major health issue.  Also, we have taken additional steps to ensure that all those entering our work sites, and facilities be screened before entry with a self-disclosure form.



The people we work alongside – those at the office, on the road, or at the job site – are the most valuable to us. Making sure they are able to work in the safest, most accessible and most comfortable environment underpins every aspect of the way LCE works. We excel at training our team in every pertinent aspect of the mandated health and safety regulations. Managers and supervisors take their responsibility for the front-line employees seriously and communicate regularly, openly, and respectfully to make sure they are  physically and emotionally safe.

We are a harassment and bullying-free company and LCE is committed to ensuring a welcoming, supportive atmosphere in all aspects of our operation.



When you join LCE, you join a family. Our work culture, healthy wages and benefits permit us to attract the best qualified people in every job. LCE is an equal opportunity employer and we make employment decisions based on your ability to perform and merit.


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