PROJECT: Kingston ‘Big Dig’

In 2010 the City of Kingston began the reconstruction of the Downtown Corridor on Princess Street. This work was divided into several phases and affectionately given the catchy nickname, the Big Dig (1,2,3, and 4) as these projects would be the biggest digs Kingston had seen.

The Big Dig family of projects are worth a combined total of $35.15 million. The main focus of this work is to separate the 100 year old combined sewer system into storm water and sanitary sewer systems. Coupled with improving the water distribution system, these projects facilitated Urban growth and intensification initiatives and improvements to meet Provincial Environmental requirements.

Phase 1

March to July 2010. Princess Street from the Holiday Inn to King Street and King Street from Brock Street to mid-block towards Queen Street.

The work included complete reconstruction from building face to building face. The first major reconstruction project to be completed without public outcry. The Big Dig 1 project won awards and accolades for the management of pedestrians, minimization of disruptions to local merchants and communication initiatives. This project was completed on-time and within budget despite significant post-tender additions to the scope of work.

Phase 2

Spring 2013 to Spring 2014. Princess Street from King Street to Bagot Street, remainder of King Street to Queen Street, Wellington Street from Brock Street to Princess Street, Bagot Street from Brock to Queen Streets.

The work included complete reconstruction from building face to building face. The Big Dig 2 project based on the success of the first Big Dig, maintained excellent access to local businesses, and provided superior pedestrian access throughout the construction zone. This project was originally slated to be a full 2 year contract, however, LCE completed all major work within 2013 with only surface asphalt completed in 2014.

Phase 3

January 2016 to December 2016. Princess Street from Bagot Street to Clergy Street, Sydenham Street from Queen to Princess Streets, Barrie Street from Brock to Queen, Clergy Street from Brock to Queen.

The work included complete reconstruction from building face to building face.

The Big Dig 3 project provided additional opportunities to meet the expectations of the business owners and the public with respect to access to local businesses.

Phase 4

Big Dig 4 was the last phase of major reconstruction work in the Downtown corridor of the City of Kingston. The project was completed in 2019. LCE is extremely proud to have been a part of renewing aging infrastructure within the City of Kingston.